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Meet The Coaches...

Sam & MB Chelanga

Marybeth (MB) Chelanga & professional track star, Sam Chelanga have teamed up to bring an approach to fitness that truly shows if you believe you can achieve! 


Sam has excelled and made quite a mark on the national and world stage in the arena of professional running. Sam coached MB and gave her all of the tools she needed to discover the strengths within her. Throughout that journey, MB became motivated to share her experience, knowledge and passion for joyful and fulfilling fitness to whoever may desire it.

Together, Sam & MB have created Cup of Tea Fitness to bring a more wholesome approach to running & coaching that can lead you to becoming more fit than you ever could have imagined!


10k: 27:08
1/2 Marathon: 60:37
Marathon: 2:08:50


5k: 16:19
10k: 33:59

1/2 Marathon: 1:10:55
Marathon: 2:33:33


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